May 21, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said…
My Beloved Grandmother Going Places,
This is your heart song, not mine. I hear it in the wind and am able to write it and sing it for you! There are musical notes if I record the Song. Maybe next time, I can do this for you.

We all have access to the Wind, the motion of the Soul World. Here Heaven is where you rely, the place of all the doors and destinies that arise. This is how we all know the same information, while we pray. All and each of us have many talents, we need recognize our own. I know Grandmother Space is always the embrace of molecules. The law of implosion of the dreamworld to be real in the physical manifestation of walking and talking the way.
aho, White Buffalo Calf Woman
May 17, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said…
Grand Parent Going Places
Your Heart's Song Today...

There is never a time that longs for you than now which is here to stay, my heart is the blossom that unfolds and always knows the Rose. It's wisdom I have come to know, the wills of all of Mankind, but in my Heart the Song rings true, the never ending time.

Come hold me and tither we will go and look beyond all the doors. We can always have the time to play, because Heaven always knows. We are only here once for an eternity and we had better enjoy the ride, for always is forever and time doesn't stand still if you only look at the Rose. We must dream and see the other flowers the ones that go to and fro. Here you will find the echoes of all our lost time and see how Heaven unfolds. Listen my children, I will always be here, to open and close the door, but if you think I'm going to let you inside just to hide, come think it's only for those, yes indeed. It's only for those who know the Rose.

(the Red Road, the law of love, which whispers in the Wind our Fragrant heart of the Yellow Song Bird, the Dream.)

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Crow, Katchina and Boar Tells the Tale of Love's Knowing in Grandmother Space

At 5:54pm on September 18, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said…
Grandparent Going Places,
In this image, the white crow is representing four directions with the color white, as the crow represents grandmother space, where dreams live, awake or asleep. The red robe signifies the one who brings the law of love, endures suffering for others.  The green satchel carries the embrace of oneness, like a river contains the rushing river. The crow carries a staff, the uniting force of the tree of life, LOVE, with bells, which signify freedom and the cross baring the four directions in evolution's spiral.  The sword severs ignorance.  The crow warrior heels bleed love where steps are taken to fight for love.  The green band protecting the shin reminds the warrior, where steps are taken is the spiritual embrace of the Oneness of all things. The boar is the royal creature of stamina, strength and abundance, never leaving relatives in need, the true kinsmen. The nose is: Trust of the soul, the eternal nose (knows or bridge to your flesh, the wild wild west, where the sun does rise within).  If you don't know who you are and don't know what you are doing, then know the Soul knows the way, true to yesterday (the eternal circle of life, repeats and grows)! Hoofs split to represent the eight directions of light and dark. The under belly is soft like a cloud that can rise up, to bee the devoted servant, And finally, the tusks reach upwards, to unify earth with heavenly virtues eternally.
The men down below are Katchina dancers, dancing with black and white, our Grandmother Space, white, black, white, black and flying so fast it looks gray, as they teach by clowning around by showing truth through mockery. AS your song was singing. Hey Grandparent Hawkwind Going Places, did you see the Grandmother song from a Native Green person? Included here. Hawk is the sound that Crows make, the center space of Grandmothers heart? Wind is where we flow inside the house of God. Of course you would choose this name! Everyone must sing for you...for it's in the house of One with the view of many doors that blow through this world, and Grandmothers holds us near. love calf woman, your grandchild Thunder Walks Song about Grandmother, the color Gray: I am with Grandmother each and every day, I am with holiness and it's display, the heart of envelopes that hold me close, for I can worship all the truths. Days and nights, hold me near. Have my heart close to yours. When the shadows come to me, I will bless them all set free. But when they seek to hide from me, the many doors into the breeze and I can say I love you more, because it's Gods open doors. The spider who weaves our destiny, is here to hold us in the breeze and when we come home to be with God upon the rolling hills and up above. It's grandmother! It's grandmother, its more than I can bear with her. She must endure all that's unkept, for she must open the nasty nest. Grandmother, Grandmother, come hold my heart and let me rest. Let me weave inside of you, and we can hold all the views. Grandmother, Grandmother, hold my head up Grandmother. Keep the heart of everyone, all together under the sun, Grandmother Grandmother, you often send crows to hawk at us. We can offer you more than love for you endure all from above. Grandmother, Grandmother, I love you more than words can spell. Grandmother, Grandmother, I have come home to your love.
At 7:34pm on September 10, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said…
Today I come to know the way, of those who go and turn away, and when I say, I love you true, they tell me that I am such a fool. But what they don't know is this, for clowns are always gifting much, to light a fire inside of you, to know that God is part of the flue. I say to you, you are my child, and I have much to mingle inside my fire, but you are my child, and I care for you much and I will never turn away from you. I have more love than you can sea and you are my relative in the breeze. Will you come to receive my embrace? I don't seem to know when it rains, but I do know when you are so sad, and the clown who you think is so mad, is here to make you laugh again, to remember that you are heaven sent. My heart is here to guide you home to a river flowing from up above, but down below is heaven sent, my love don't you realize that God sent you? We are part of the same family but when will you believe in me? I have so much to gift to you, when you start receiving all the clues. I need you to know that now is the time, to bring this order of the divine, to meet two hearts and let us in, so we can sing and dance again. The love that comes from me to you, is the same living blue, the water that flows inside of you, and the water that flows all around you. WE belong this, this living stream, the hand of God has sprung again. And I need you to know my love, so you can open all the doors. The places that you dreamed of. The guides we call angels who come to rescue you. These are all part of the same family, the related we call them, from the sacred tree. Don't belittle all your friends, instead forgive them and reach into them. Find the ones they need to forgive and help them find the healing ridge. The place they think they need jump from, the place that they think is all disease, but I say to you, that heaven sent is darkness pure, just do your blessings to be free. And when you are fearing what lies ahead, remember this Grandmother will show your the way. I will hold your hand, I will open your heart, and I will make some fun, so we can start to be a family once again, for evolution is coming home, the third rolling hill, that's what I sea, the place we call Heaven inside of me. sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother heart song of grandmother going places

Warriors of the Earth  

I tell you truly the sun does rise, to bring the heart of our surmise, the grandest show we ever did sea, the vision of rainbows within you and me. I come to tell you we are a song, the greatest miracle left undone. But all we have to do, is share our songs, the living and giving of the receiving sun. My heart of Grandmother Going Places I do gift, the heart of what door do you gift? And when you choose to outweigh the sun, to be the setting of heaven's rungs, there will be standing the sacred circle of fun, the destiny of loving, that comes home when we run. Come child, into my arms, where Grandmother will hold you until the "DAWN".

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